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Is American finally imploding?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

21 things a truly decent America mustn't do.

  1. Let corporations, their lobbyists, and the government officials they flagrantly own, determine government policies;

  2. Attempt by any means to rob senior citizens of their hard-earned pensions;

  3. Undermine the union movement which underpins the manufacturing sector and make the country vulnerable to offshore production benefiting only the wealthy;

  4. Leave citizens to die because they can’t afford super inflated rates for healthcare, medicine, and health insurance;

  5. Allow a brazenly unfit sociopathic megalomaniac to even run for any high office, including of course the presidency;

  6. Let public officials own stocks, as they may represent a conflict of interest tied to their legislative decision-making;

  7. Permit pharmaceutical firms to charge anything they want for life-saving drugs while facing no real penalties for making and marketing poisonous and highly addictive drugs;

  8. Operate a supreme court system with no term limits, tainted by political ideologies, that is blind to the truth;

  9. Let homegrown terrorists carry around military-grade assault weapons in public, based on a completely misinterpreted constitutional amendment designed for a proper militia 200 years ago and created to protect against the overthrow of the duly elected government of the nation;

  10. Block immigration, the very foundation, and strength of America;

  11. Affording religious entities to be tax-exempt when in reality they’re political tools, breaking one of the most fundamental rules of our constitution, the separation of church and state;

  12. Protect a racist law enforcement culture that operates as much outside the law as it does within it;

  13. Create rampant homelessness, therefore depriving many citizens, mostly those of color, of their right to vote.

  14. Accept a low-quality educational system rated as one of the worst among G20 countries, that chains students to egregious debt levels, causing them to be harassed by specialized collection firms;

  15. Maintain a private prison system aka prisons for pay, with ROIs based on the volume of inmates, causing the country to have the highest incarceration rates on the planet;

  16. Allow hate-mongering, treasonous, and fake news media outlets of all types to blatantly misinform the public and pit citizens against one another;

  17. Make it more and more difficult for women to have control of their bodies;

  18. Allow a political party to continuously preach against a life-saving vaccine purely for political reasons, this having caused hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths and continuing to endanger the lives of their uninformed cult supporters and every other person in the nation;

  19. Avoid addressing in any substantive manner the pressing issue of climate change, if only to protect future generations, which the elected Republican officials in our country couldn’t care less about as long as it keeps its fossil fuel-related corporate donors happy;

  20. Conduct unjustified, brutal, and invasive wars around the world - the US has been at war 225 out of 245 years since 1776 - mostly to feed the defense industry;

  21. Hesitate in prosecuting a complicit, treasonous President and his co-conspirator members of the GOP and the domestic terrorists following their orders for an insurrection against the legitimate government of the USA;

All the above represent the tip of the iceberg into which a jingoistic America is unconscionably set to soon plow into, signaling its imminent demise as a society and the final days of its great experiment in democracy, once a bastion of hope and admiration around the world.


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