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Punishing the profiteering petrol pump.

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Everyone knows the gas-powered automobile has heard its death knell loud and clear.

So the oil companies are staging a full-frontal attack on our wallets, despite already record profits, gouging the consumer to the hilt, especially during a pandemic and even more now with the current Ukrainian conflict..

This is in preparation for them gouging us to the hilt when they control most of the charging stations for e-vehicles in the future.

And expect no help from governments who collect a myriad of taxes on all of this.

So what can we do in the meantime when faced with these usurious gas prices?

Here are 11 simple, common-sense tips you need to remember and act upon:

  1. Plan and combine your car trips. Try doing groceries no more frequently than once a week, not three visits by car to the same store in five days. Combine other shopping needs into that grocery run.

  2. Keep your tires aligned, balanced, and properly inflated.

  3. Make sure your engine oil is changed regularly, and use the good stuff if you can.

  4. Use a fuel system additive every sixty days. Products like Seafoam are great at cleaning up your fuel injection system or carburetor and ensure more efficient fuel combustion and, therefore, consumption.

  5. Clean or change your air filter regularly every six to ten months. An engine that can’t breathe uses more fuel. Air filters aren’t expensive and in most cars can easily be changed by the owner.

  6. Remove any unnecessary weight from your car. Carrying the same junk in your car unnecessarily for months is a no-no.

  7. Drive evenly. Avoid unnecessary acceleration surges. Smooth and easy wins the day, improving your gas mileage from 5 to 15%! And use cruise control for hilly roads.

  8. Plan your route to avoid congestion, red lights, and stop signs whenever possible. The average smartphone has the apps to easily accomplish that.

  9. Tire inflation and wheel alignment. Make sure your tires are properly inflated at all times. Some can lose 1-3% of their air every month, costing more in gas consumption and misalignment causing the same waste.

  10. Carpool when practical. Four people in one car going to work, let’s say, saves you 75% off pricey fuel and reduces wear and tear at the same percentage on your vehicle as well.

  11. When possible, and mainly for city core travel, do the last few miles to your destination by public transit, with the bonus of avoiding costly downtown parking fees.

  12. And finally, avoid purchasing vehicles that are way too large for your needs. If you have one, sell it, and get something smaller that can still accommodate your actual needs and be more in keeping with the realities of modern times.

If followed by millions of drivers, these simple steps will immediately help not only their pocketbook but could affect the price of gas positively for consumers as much as the oil producers’ habit of choking supply does the opposite.

And that’s a win-win for all consumers.


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